Temporary Service Providers & Payroll

Staff your new organization quickly and efficiently with the most highly qualified people.

Human Capital Startup and Temporary Solutions Graphic

Focus on Your Core Business

FPMI handles the recruiting and staffing for you while you build your core business.

Your Employees. Our recruiting process, based on the best practices in human capital management, delivers high quality employees. Combined with our team of recruiting experts and the latest recruiting technology, this process rapidly delivers the most highly qualified candidate pool from which you can select talented employees.

Our Employees. We provide the talent of our own employees—Temporary Services Providers—to staff your project. We recruit and hire the best qualified professionals, and our ongoing management processes support high retention rates. We maintain constant interaction and communication with both clients and our Temporary Service Provider employees to ensure high quality service delivery.

Payroll Processing

FPMI handles your payroll processing efficiently and effectively and frees your staff to focus on more strategic matters.

  • Improve productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction
  • Reduce cycle times, error rates, and cost