Recruitment Process Outsourcing & Executive Search

High employee retention rates, high-quality, productive employees, and low employee turnover all start with hiring the best qualified people.

We find and screen the best, then deliver them to you in record time.

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A High-Touch Approach to Recruiting

Our unique total recruiting solution stems from our People-Process-Technology approach.

  • People. Our Candidate Management Center is the primary information source for candidates and clients. HR experts resolve issues, distribute information and provide real-time assistance. And on-site recruiters know where and how to reach the best candidates.
  • Process. Based on best HR practices, our streamlined recruiting process is repeatable, producing consistently successful results in any setting.
  • Technology. A comprehensive collection of tools—for screening, sourcing, communication, and tracking—enables high-speed recruiting and easy access to the Candidate Management Center via multiple media. Candidate information is tracked to prevent delays and ensure real-time information.

Our clients receive only pre-screened, highly qualified candidates.

Focused on the Leadership Pipeline

The search and selection process includes identification of candidates, interview arrangements, coaching, compensation data, process monitoring, candidate communication and assistance.